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Medical Record Scanning and Storage in Minneapolis

We have scanning and document archiving solutions for medical facilities, physicians, and hospitals. These solutions enable health care organizations to move toward a paperless environment by storing all health care information digitally through an electronic document management system, or EDMS.

Minneapolis Scanning & Imaging provides customers with an organization-wide solution to their document scanning and imaging needs.

Medical Scanning Services in Minneapolis

medical scanning and archiving in minneapolis

Document scanning services for medical offices and hospitals help these facilities maintain and share complete medical records securely and easily.

Creating and editing documents, prescriptions, and charts for enterprise-wide documents, which helps patient care and safety, improves revenue cycles and reduces the risk of liability due to lost records. 

Offsite Medical Records Storage Saves Your Office Time and Money

Let us help you get rid of your storage room and archaic filing cabinets. An offsite medical records storage center you can reduce your storage costs and provide protection from fire, theft, and lost documents.

It’s also a surefire way to get your office back on its feet in the event your offices are damaged by fire or flood. Minneapolis Scanning and Imaging will help you manage your practice’s medical records. If your practice needs medical record scanning and secure offsite storage, we’re here to help!

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Minneapolis Scanning and Imaging provides secure medical records imaging and storage for any size office. We’re the experts in medical records scanning services, and you can be sure that your sensitive records and your patients are protected from the start of the conversion process to long-term storage and/or disposal.

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